Cancellation conditions



When you cancel your application, we charge you x % from the total price (except the insurance). The % depends on the day which you decide to cancel. Cancellation means sending an email to

Cancelling on the 61st day or more before the workshop - we will be charging you 20%.

Cancelling on the 60th – 31st day before the workshop - we will be charging you 50%.

Cancelling on the 30th – 8th day before the workshop - we will be charging you 80%.

Cancelling on the 7th or less days means that we have to charge 100% - we cannot give you back any money.




Because we know how life can be sometimes unpredictable, we offer a possibility of insurance. There are two types - in the case of cancellation due to an illness or an injury, upon presenting a medical note or even without giving any reason

1) due to an illness or an injury: when insured, you can get back up to 80% from the total paid fee (except the insurance) from the remaining full days of the workshop. The price of this insurance is €13 per week. The option of this insurance is not obligatory and does not apply to cancelling your attendance because of personal reasons. If so, the basic cancellation rules apply.

2) without providing a reason: advanced version of the previously mentioned insurance - you do not have to present any medical report or other proof. When insured, you can get also up to 80% back from the total price paid (except the insurance part). This insurance is again not mandatory and the price is €23 for a week.

We do not offer a refund for pre-ordered T-shirts and bus transportation.







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