Introducing CoLab

Term: 13.02.2023

Three choreographies in one performance. A dance project created by three international choreographers from Japan, Israel and Germany, performed by the Czech dance company Pop Balet. Dance without Limits brings together a collaboration of talented dancers - come enjoy it live on stage!

The Japanese-Australian choreographer Yukino McHugh presents her piece “Hanging Out”, which deals with the topics of materialism, consumer society and the extremes that our contemporary society is going through - lost in a possessive world of established patterns of behaviour, toxic habits and collective unconsciousness caused by today's materialism.


With Israeli choreographer Vasko Nasonov, the dancers embody his distinct movement language, technique and approach. His choreography is a celebration of dance as such, inviting a combination of styles from contemporary and floorwork to hip hop and house.


Kenan Dinkelmann from Germany takes his dancers through a cleansing process, whereby a transcendental state can be achieved through dance. The performance “Demon Cleaner” is a search for the age-old magic of dance, the primary mode of expression of humans, long before language took over the world.


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