Dance Without Limits - Spring Edition 2022

Term: 27.05.2022 - 29.05.2022

Can't wait until this summer's Dance Without Limits? Than we have some amazing news for you - registration for the first ever Dance Without Limits Spring Edition 2022 is now launched! Which teachers will take it away this time?

We are excited to be hosting another dance weekend, packed with lessons with inspiring, world-class choreographers, for the very first time in spring! As always, you can look forward to lessons for intermediate and advanced dancers with two amazing teachers of contemporary dance.

It is our great pleasure to welcome our Dance Without Limits Spring Edition 2022 teachers, Spanish chorographer Iker Karrera and the Finnish dance acrobatic company Kinetic Orchestra.


Iker's specialty is jazzfunk and contemporary. Originally from Spain, in 2016 he founded his own dance company. As a teacher, Iker has taught contemporary dance and jazz funk classes around the world, including cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Naples and Brussels. After more than 15 years of teaching experience, Iker decided to create his own school and art project 180, motivated by his firm belief in the transformative power of dance and his ability to connect and inspire people. He recently received the XVIII. Gipuzkoa Dance Prize for a lifelong career.
Founded in 2009, Kinetic Orchestra is a contemporary dance company based in Helsinki, Finland, and directed by choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. Kinetic Orchestra is a registered Auxiliary name of Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha.
Jarkko Mandelin is a Finnish choreographer (MA), dancer, and the founder and artistic director of Kinetic Orchestra. He seeks inspiration from the functionality of martial arts, acrobatics, and different partnering techniques. Kinetic Orchestra’s distinctive combination of acrobatic partnering, martial arts and contemporary dance has made Jarkko Mandelin a requested choreographer and an internationally recognised workshop teacher. Alongside working as a dancer and choreographer, Mandelin has been teaching and keeping workshops for almost twenty years and is regularly teaching at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. In 2019 the Union of Dance and Circus Artists in Finland awarded Mandelin and the company for their dedication and ambition towards movement exploration.


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Workshop Schedule

Friday 27.05.2022

6 - 8:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Intermediate class
8- 10:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Advanced class


Saturday 28.05.2022

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Intermediate class
12 - 14:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Advanced class
15 - 17:00 pm Iker Karrera - Intermediate class
17 - 19:00 pm Iker Karrera - Advanced class


Sunday 29.05.2022

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Iker Karrera - Intermediate class
12 - 14:00 pm Iker Karrera - Advanced class
15 - 17:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Intermediate class
17 - 19:00 pm Kinetic Orchestra - Advanced class

Place: InDance centrum Hostivař, Gercenova 10, Prague 10

Entry Fees:

TBH Spring edition 2022 (five classes, Fri, Sat, Sun) - 2900 Kč
Opencard (access to 10 classes) - 3800 Kč
Three classes, Fri, Sat, Sun Kinetic Orchestra - 1900 Kč
Two classes, Fri, Sat, Sun Iker Karrera - 1500 Kč
Two classes, Fri, Sat
, Sun Kinetic Orchestra - 1500 Kč
One class Iker Karrera - 800 Kč
One class Kinetic Orchestra - 800 Kč









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