Extra Morning Classes

After last year’s success, we are expanding our exclusive morning classes onto the full three weeks of Dance Without Limits SUMMER!


What are Extra Morning Classes?

Each week you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into a specific technique brought to you by one of our weekly teachers.

The extra classes, held every morning from 9 to 10:30 on the small stage, are intended for a small group of advanced dancers, who would like to explore a specific mode of movement or technique in more depth. Each series of classes will also be topped off with the making of a professional dance video.

The price for Extra Morning Classes for one week is €140.


Week One - Choreo Connection

Carla Diego L

You may remember this sensational teacher from last year's Dance without Limits and this year you can look forward to seeing her again on the dance floor! Since 2017, Carla has been working in Spain on her own choreographic projects such as Plangĕre and LA VIVA MUERTE, for which she was awarded a Choreographic Research Program scholarship for the 2019 B Motion Festival. Become part of Carla's brand new choreographic creation and join her extra morning class.






Shared Levitation Partnering is based on the principles of action – reaction. The aim is to liberate dancers from the aesthetics of dance and enhance their natural playfulness and functionality instead - an easy way to rediscover one’s excitement about dance and invite our inner child out to play.

Through exercises in different constellations, dancers learn to listen, follow and direct their movement as one functioning organism through space. Emphasis is placed on an organic way of partnering, inspired by contact improvisation, acro-dance and martial arts. Each pair is led to discover unique ways of communicating and looking for their own individual solutions and variations on the given material. Another important aspect of the class is the constant change of the level of activity for both roles. Dancers learn how much resistance, power and direction is needed to reach their maximum together. At the end of each class, dancers will also learn fixed partnering material and extracts of Marion and Alan’s duet Porzellan-Haus.




Week Three - Floorwork Flow

Samuel Caleb Baxter

This class is led by the talented dancer and acrobat Sam Caleb Baxter from the UK, who draws on his extensive experience with modern dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, capoeira, tricking and breaking. Sam's movement vocabulary draws heavily on floorwork, to which these special classes are dedicated. Thanks to Sam and his dance partner, dancers will delve into the world of floorwork through working with improvisation, coordination, rhythm and the tools provided by their own bodies. The aim of the class is to gain a deeper understanding of how we respond to different types of movement, whether we are on the ground, upside down or in the air. In this way, dancers are led to approach dance as a fluid whole, as opposed to separate physical movements, and are given the tools to create their own unique approach to movement in dance.






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